Sunday, February 08, 2004

Cricket and morality

Jeremy's interview is here.
Collin May’s "France Falling" series, updated
Nicolas Baverez
1. Introduction
2. Three Transformations in Economics and Strategy
3. Society and Politics
4. Failures and Solutions

André Glucksmann: Ouest contre ouest
1. Civilization contre Nihilism
2. Shakespeare contre Sartre
3. The Cowboy contre the Tsar

Alain Finkielkraut on Anti-Semitism
1. Introduction
2. Vigilances
3. le Matin Brun
4. The Provincial Cosmopolitans
5. The Varieties of Anti-Semitism

Stephen Launay on War
1. Introduction, Part One
2. Introduction, Part Two

Jean-François Revel
A review of Revel’s Anti-Americanism

To whom it may concern:

For the last several weeks, lincoln cat (me and a few of my selves) and Elephant-Rabbits (a group blog, but still a gang of one) have been regrettably inactive. We were in the midst of a labor-intensive move, westward to Maryland. (So long, Belgium, and thanks for all the croquetjes.)

Since we’ve spent the past six years in Europa, and since things have become, of late, rather interesting here and there, the subject of Transatlantica will be making repeat visits to both of these sites over the coming months. For now, we’ll point ya’ll to a thread still spinning out of Davids Medienkritik about German and American culture. (Various other topics have also woven themselves in, and the kite has flown so high there are now three whole rolls of string beneath it: one, two, three.)

Meanwhile, Marc F. Plattner is saying that the EU is trying to get medieval on all our asses (via John Coumarianos).

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